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Cedar Rock Sports Plex Indoor Soccer Rule and Guidelines:

- AS OF JANUARY 1, 2012, we will no longer allow soccer balls/footballs/ or any other type of athletic ball outside of the soccer field.

- Please, DO NOT bring your soccer balls to the Sports Plex. Only Coaches and/or team captains may bring warm up balls.

- Cedar Rock Sports Plex adheres to the USINDOOR official rules and guidelines

- Cedar Rock Sports Plex is not responsible for any lost or damaged equipment

- Cleats are not allowed on the soccer field. ONLY turf shoes, athletic shoes or indoor soccer shoes.

- There is no gum chewing allowed on the field, at anytime.

  • Shinguards are required for all players under 18 years old and highly recommended for all players.
  •  U-10 and up play 6 on the field. (5 field players and 1 goalkeeper)
  •  U-8 plays 7 on the field. (6 field players and 1 goalkeeper)
  •  U-6 plays 8 on the field. (7 field players and 1 goalkeeper)
  •  18 and under teams are required to have an adult in the pit at all times.
  •  Adult/Coed Leagues – you must be 18 or over to play in these leagues. Age cut off date is August 1, 2011.
  • Players must play in their own age group or may play up. Players may NEVER play down. NO EXCEPTIONS.

 - Do not bring your own soccer balls for games. The game ball will be provided by the Sports Plex.

- The first team listed on the schedule is the VISITOR team.

- Teams should bring 2 shirts; light and dark. If both teams have the same color, HOME team must change.

- When subbing, the player has to leave the field before another player enters.


  •  Blue Card – 2 minute penalty. The player must serve the full 2 minutes. If a goal is scored by the opposing team, the coach may replace the player with a bench player.
  • Yellow Card – 4 minute penalty. The player must serve the full 4 minutes. If a goal is scored by the opposing team, the coach may replace the player with a bench player.
  • Red Card – 6 minute penalty. The team must play short for the full 6 minutes. The player that received the red card can not take the field for the rest of the game or for the following game.

 - No offsides. "Cherry Picking" will be called at the referee's discretion. Dead ball is called when the keeper is inside the goal box and hits the beam with the ball.

- If dead ball is called off side net; ball is played1 1⁄2 - 2 feet from the wall by foot.

- No wall checking.

- The ball can be passed back to the keeper and the keeper cannot use his/her hands.

- The ball does not have to start forward.

- No jumping the wall.

- Game time is comprised of (2)– 25 minute halves. (When a team goes down by 4 goals, they can put on an extra player.)

- When they go back to 3 down, they must take a player off.

- Having 2 hands on the wall, using the wall to your advantage will be called.

- Player has 6 seconds to restart the ball.

           • Teams can play ONLY those players listed on their roster.  

           • Teams can roster up to 18 players (including subs)

           • All subs must be listed on the roster.

           • ONLY EXCEPTION – An exception may be made with goalkeepers. A goalkeeper may be placed on 2 teams within the same league but they MUST PLAY IN THE GOAL. Any double roster of a goalkeeper must be approved by Sports Plex Management, Tom Pyne or Austin Olson.

           •    New Players can be added to a team roster up to the 3rd game.

           •    Teams can have only 3 coaches on the bench at any one time. Players and coaches ONLY are allowed in the bench area.

- Coaches/Team Captains will distribute CRSP waiver forms to all player/guardians and will return all forms to CRSP.

- Soccer schedules are available on line at

- Any schedule change requests must come from the team coach/captain.

- We will not accept a request for change from anyone other than team coach or captain.

- Please take the following steps if you require a schedule change.

1.    Check with CRSP management to find available dates and times. Keep in mind that available floor time is in high demand so submit your requests ASAP.

2.    Team Coach/Captain must talk to opposing Team to determine if a schedule change would be acceptable to both teams. If approved by both teams, confirm time and date with CRSP management. Team captains/coaches are responsible for informing their team of any schedule changes.

- If request to change schedule is not approved by opposing team, the game must be played as scheduled or a team could forfeit the game for a loss.

- Please be aware that CRSP may not be able to meet all requests for schedule changes. We will try our best to accommodate your needs and ask for your cooperation and flexibility with any requests to change a scheduled game.

- Cedar Rock Sports Plex will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse of players, coaches, referees, or spectators. Anyone engaging in abusive behavior will be asked to leave the facility.

Soccer Fees

  • Team Fees are currently $750 for an 8 game session.
    • $560 for a 6 game session
  • Team Fees are due in full by the 3rd game. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • If your fees are not paid in full, your future games are subject to forfeit. In addition, you will not be eligible to participate in any future leagues unless any unpaid balance is paid in full. We will aso require your team's fees to be paid in full by the 1st game of the next session. If team fees are not paid, we will have no choice but to raise the cost of the fees for subsequent leagues. Please help us keep the costs down for your team by making sure all of your fees are paid on time.
  • Coach/Team Captains are responsible for collecting team fees in full or are responsible to make arrangements with CRSP management to collect fees. If CRSP collects team fees individually, team captains/coaches will ensure that all fees are paid in full in a timely manner.